Does your personality determines the type of Kettlebell Lifting training that is optimal for you ? … and how Kettlebell Lifting trainings strenghten your personality…

Part one! Long time no hear . Yes, I am sorry for that, I know, though I am not resting at all – involved in business with my gym, trainings and educating constantly! Kettlebells (not only as sport equipment but also as a phrase, idea, concept of training,…)  helped me to become one of the best Coaches and Athletes in Kettlebell Lifting Sport, they built my recognition, sport brand and my strong personality as well!  Though I have to admit I lost motivation to compete as an Athlete recently  – yes, I am »growing up« as well, set myself new goals and started to think of other sports as well – not as an Athlete, but as a Coach.

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Conjugate? Again? Yes!! Because it really works, it is fine and it is different! So, another few words and some explanations about Conjugate system of training. After being in Kettlebell Lifting for 10 years, continuous preparations for competitions, wining several medals trophies and titles, I got a little bit bored and tired. In 2016 Anton (Anasenko) prepared a special program for me and I managed to do 5 PR's last year. But still, I was somehow tired , every day .. not that much physically, as I was tired mentally, I was fed up, stucked,..
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Conjugate Sequence System of Trainings

Trainings can be fun, but mostly, they are tough, exhausting - physical and psychically. We can train strength, endurance, speed or even all in one. It is important, that trainings are diverse and interesting, as long as we have a specific goal ahead.
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