Standards and Competition Rules

Girevoy Sport rules changed in 1990 for the last time! That is 27 years ago. Since then the Sport grew and spread from Russia to other countries in Europe, USA, Asia and Africa.
At EGSA, we believe that changes are a MUST and of course some were made as well, but they were all kept in the same “box”! No one actually thought outside that box for real. Timed sets are OK, but 10 minutes, that is A LOT! Not many people can go for the whole 10 minutes! And our biggest respect goes to those who can! Especially with 32kg Kettlebells. On the other hand, we are trying to bring Kettllebell lifting to the Olympics! But with rules like that? Forget about it! At EGSA, we believe, that shorter sets with target number of repetitions will change the sport! It will make it more intense, (far from easier), more competitive and more interesting for the spectators! With aiming for a number, and then not finishing the set Athletes would be ranked DNF (did not finish) and they will not get Ranked, they will not get medal. It is just the same if you go for a 10 km run and then only finish 6 km and you are totally happy because you finished it in 32 minutes or so? This is BULLSHIT! Same is with Kettlebells: if you sign in for a 10 minutes set with 24 kg Kettlebells and then you only do 40 reps in 6 minutes, and you are happy with that.. that is wrong in so many ways. For those »Athletes«, who are too arrogant and ignorant to read the history, let us just remind you, that 10 minutes sets were invented because Fedor Usenko was able to stand in Rack for 30 minutes or more and won all the competitions. They limited sets to 10 minutes at that point and that of course was a first big change in Girevoy sport. But now, we believe another changes are needed and at EGSA, we are READY FOR CHANGES!! BE THERE!