Does your personality determines the type of Kettlebell Lifting training that is optimal for you ? … and how Kettlebell Lifting trainings strenghten your personality…

Part one! Long time no hear . Yes, I am sorry for that, I know, though I am not resting at all – involved in business with my gym, trainings and educating constantly! Kettlebells (not only as sport equipment but also as a phrase, idea, concept of training,…)  helped me to become one of the best Coaches and Athletes in Kettlebell Lifting Sport, they built my recognition, sport brand and my strong personality as well!  Though I have to admit I lost motivation to compete as an Athlete recently  – yes, I am »growing up« as well, set myself new goals and started to think of other sports as well – not as an Athlete, but as a Coach.
I am totally aware, that I will not »invent hot water« in coaching with Kettlebells anymore, however, I am a researcher and constantly educating and looking for new things and approaches, and there are always  some »unknown fields« that call to be researched and cleared! And again, I am totally looking forward to reveal you some new things and materials I am preparing at the moment and will be interesting and useful for you and your Athletes!
Do you remember my last book: »Conjugate Approach to Girevoy Sport Training« (if not, I kindly recommend reading)? Why? Because this book is different – introduces different approach to train Kettlebell Lifting, approach, that is much different from the one I was taught at the beginning of my Kettlebell Lifting career!
During my Athlete’s career (first as professional handball player, then as world class Kettlebell Lifting Athlete), I realized one important thing: whenever I decided to follow up any kind kind of training program (fitness or else), I failed – I never actually managed to finished it or at least finished it, but never the way the program was prepared.
My coaches used to call me lazy (lazy?? – but still managed to become International Master of Sport 😊), that i will get injured because I was trainig with heavy weights, training too much, too fast, that I was impatient (ok, here, they were right 😊), didn’t feel the muscles and so on..
And, this is what I want to tell you!! We are all totally different! Different in our lifestyles, physical and mental »constitution«! We feel our bodies differently, we respond to the external stimulus differently and therefore not every training program is for everyone!
What then determines, what training program is suitable for each individual Athlete? What kind of stimulus is suitable for certain type of Athletes? On what bases do Coaches decide what trainng program will be best for their Athletes? How many tranings a week, how much rest, regeneration, mental and physical stress can an Athlete hold/need? Are you aware of all these things or just blindly follow up, what a Coach sets up for you? Do Athletes and Coaches immerse themselves into this topic? And ask themselves – why exactly this plan, training program? Here are my answers! There is ideal and optimal training program to train with KETTLEBELLS and to train KETTLEBELL LIFTING for every individual Athlete out there! I know that for sure, because I do this every day, I watch, listen and talk to my every single Athlete, I test myself and my Athletes from different sports regularly (sorry and thank you for this, guys 😊) And yes – Conjugate Approach to Girevoy Sport Training is not perfect training approach and program for everyone – maybe it is perfect for 20 – 40 % of all Kettlebell Lifting Athletes. But what about the rest? Stay tuned!

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