On line Coaching

Do you want to train with one of the world’s best Kettlebell Lifting Athlete and Coach?

Than Online trainings with Gregor Sobocan are perfect solution for you! Gregor Sobocan coaches online several kettlebell lifting Athletes all over the world.  Under his Online tutorial, they achieved great results, even world records. Online trainings are totally personal, adapted to your physical predispositions, level of preparedness and your goals.

For 129 eur/month, you will receive:

  • 4-weeks training plan
  • Discussion over Facebook messenger
  • Video analysis
  • Special physical preparation exercises
  • General physical preparation exercises


                        RichardRICHARD STAUDNER, AUSTRIA “I started online trainings with Gregor in 2010 – 2012. After I attended some of his seminars, workshops and educations in Slovenia, Croatia and Austria, I Started to train every day, but I needed more support and someone who checks my technic. So I used the online coaching program with Gregor Sobocan. He gave me a training plan and what I have to train to improve my technic. I was sending him weekly Videoclips, so Gregor could correct my technique. That works perfect for me.” TajdaTAJDA SOBOCAN, SLOVENIAGregor is my brother, and when he found Kettlebells, he introduced me to this relatively new but really great sport. We educated together on Kettlebell fitness and Kettlebell lifting, but Gregor always wanted more: more literature, more information from his mentors and other coaches and also more from his Athletes. So, I started to follow his training programs. Gregor’s programs, are far from being easy, but you somehow enjoy them, enjoy the suffer, because you know that success is guaranteed.  He even manages to bring me to the best results right on the important competitions, which proofs his programs are very accurate, personalised and professional. During my competition career (6 years), I also worked with  two other world class coaches, but I have to stress that my best results were the result of hard work following Gregor’s programs. “(Tajda’s best result following Gregor’s program is world champion in LongCycle with 24 kg KB: 105 repetitions; BW: – 53 kg). LeneLENE H. OLSEN, DENMARK “In 2012 I used Gregor Sobocan as my online coach. It was the first time I used a foreign Kettlebell coach. I had two specific goals and that: to win the Danish championship and also do a great performance in Milan to the World Championship in Snatch 16 kg discipline. I followed Gregor’s trainings and I must admit that it turned out to be the best that has ever happened to me in my Kettlebell training. According to my results during the weeks, Gregor could tell me what I could expect to achieve in reps and I thought he was crazy. But he was right. I made 225 reps to the national championship and 234 reps on the World Championships. I will fully recommend Gregor as online trainer! If I ever make a comeback in the sport, I will not hesitate to use Gregor again ” KatarinaKATARINA HELCMANOWSKA, ENGLAND “I met Gregor first at a competition in Zagreb in 2009, then following year I was going for holidays to Slovenia with my brother and thought it would be good to do some KB training whilst there. I was pleasantly surprised how much I improved during the 10 days I trained with Gregor. My numbers increased more in that time than they would in a year training on my own. After that, I realised a good coach is essential in order to progress in kb training. Gregor seemed to fit all the criteria of a great coach. He is a hardworking lifter himself with attention to detail in KB technique. He always seeks new ways of training and researching different training protocols. He also knows his athlete’s abilities very well – in my case he would often know what I’m capable of even though I’d doubt myself. To me Gregor is my coach , my friend , my family, someone with great KB sport knowledge! No wonder we call him Gregor The Great!!! ” Mark MARK STAPELTON, IRELAND I have trained on-line and in person with Gregor Sobocan, I found him to be extremely professional. He was able to explain and correct me through my videos I sent him and was always available to give me advice on my training. I personally learned a huge amount from him and would have no hesitation in recommending Gregor to any athlete looking for an online coach. with only 4 months of coaching Gregor was able to help me achieve CMS rank in Long Cycle.