20/100 EGSA Protocol

I admit, the original idea is not mine… it is a training plan from successful Weightlifting Coach in 40s (you read that right), Joe Mills!
To be honest, I used it for Weightlifting at first, and progress was great. You can read more about his exact protocol HERE: (https://barbend.com/joe-mills-2020-workout-perfect-practice-makes-perfect-weightlifting/)
I was wondering for some time, how to make almost the same protocol work for Girevoy Sport. You see, in Weightlifting an Athlete works in ATP-CP energy system and work to rest ratio is 1:12, which makes it great.
In Kettlebell Lifting an Athlete works in all other energy systems, and goal to increase lactate tolerance and VO2max is crucial for high level Girevik.
To work on that energy system, 1:1 work to rest ratio is best option, and working at high pace with heavy weight is just great for obeying the rules of “cyclic movement in Kettlebell Lifting”.

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“What is wrong with you?”

Example 1: »Do you see what I see? You don’t? How come? Look once again, look closer .. still don’t see it? There is something wrong with you!!«

Example 2: »Try this shoe … How come – it doesn’t fit you? Try once again … how come it doesn’t fit you? It fits my leg perfectly .. try once again .. ehh, something is wrong with you…«

Example 3: »You don’t understand math? How come … it is so easy, you just need to think and understand it: Cos 2x – Sin x … still don’t get it? How come you can get good grades at history, but you suck at math? What is wrong with you??«

Example 4: »Do you feel the muscle? Just take it slow! Don’t go too fast … take lighter weights and leave your ego aside! Still don’t feel the muscle? Ehh … something is wrong with you…«

Do you see what the above mentioned examples have in common? How many times have you heard (or even said to someone): »What is wrong with you?«

First of all – there is nothing wrong with your athlete/child/student/client/amateur athlete!

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Does your personality determines the type of Kettlebell Lifting training that is optimal for you ? … and how Kettlebell Lifting trainings strenghten your personality…

Part one! Long time no hear . Yes, I am sorry for that, I know, though I am not resting at all – involved in business with my gym, trainings and educating constantly! Kettlebells (not only as sport equipment but also as a phrase, idea, concept of training,…)  helped me to become one of the best Coaches and Athletes in Kettlebell Lifting Sport, they built my recognition, sport brand and my strong personality as well!  Though I have to admit I lost motivation to compete as an Athlete recently  – yes, I am »growing up« as well, set myself new goals and started to think of other sports as well – not as an Athlete, but as a Coach.

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Conjugate? Again? Yes!! Because it really works, it is fine and it is different! So, another few words and some explanations about Conjugate system of training. After being in Kettlebell Lifting for 10 years, continuous preparations for competitions, wining several medals trophies and titles, I got a little bit bored and tired. In 2016 Anton (Anasenko) prepared a special program for me and I managed to do 5 PR's last year. But still, I was somehow tired , every day .. not that much physically, as I was tired mentally, I was fed up, stucked,..
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Comfort zone

Comfort zone .. yes .. part of INTENSITY ZONES that we talked about in our last article. Now we know everything we need to train properly: FTP and MAP numbers, maximal strength, repetitive strength, local muscular endurance .. You know, that the majority of my articles is not meant for the broad sport population .. but for you, Athletes, you, who know that comfort zone exists but you try to avoid it as much as possible. “Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening my axe” said Abraham Lincoln.
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Intensity zones

Yes .. numbers .. again :) We have already wrote and talked a lot about MAP, FTP, muscular endurance, how to increase maximal strength, intervals, pace, which numbers are important, which do you have to know if you want to train properly and progress.  But still, I got lots of questions about the heart rate, FTP and MAP. These numbers are important if you want to train properly and if you want to achieve good results on the competitions. But there is one more thing you have to take into consideration if you want progress: INTENSITY ZONES.
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