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EGSA is professional girevoy sport association, aiming to promote kettlebell lifting on a highest possible level. Kettlebells1Head of EGSA is Gregor Sobocan, Master of Sports International Class, Master Coach, pioneer of Kettlebell Lifting in Europe and world class Kettlebell Lifting athlete. He came across with Kettlebells in 2004, while looking for better methods to improve his endurance and skills, he needed as a professional handball player on national level in Slovenia. He coaches kettlebell lifters in his own gym in Slovenia, is president of Sloveian Kettlebell Club and educates new Kettlebell Lifting coaches worldwide. He educates himself constantly from the best coaches from Russia, writes articles on importance of training with kettlebells and developing power and endurance through the continuous workout with kettlebells. EGSA’s mission is to present Girevoy sport and other forms of workouts with Kettlebells to general public and to attract to this sport as many enthusiasts as possible. With EGSA’s workout programmes you will evidently improve all the aspects of your physical preparation, as well as technique! Be there!

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      thank you for your interest in our Manual. Please, write me your address, and I will send the Manual to you.

      Costs are 35 eur for the Manual and 10 eur for shipping (45 eur all together). Payment goes on our paypal account: info@girevoy-sport.si

      If you have any additional questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

      Best regards, Kristina

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