20/100 EGSA Protocol

I admit, the original idea is not mine… it is a training plan from successful Weightlifting Coach in 40s (you read that right), Joe Mills!
To be honest, I used it for Weightlifting at first, and progress was great. You can read more about his exact protocol HERE: (https://barbend.com/joe-mills-2020-workout-perfect-practice-makes-perfect-weightlifting/)
I was wondering for some time, how to make almost the same protocol work for Girevoy Sport. You see, in Weightlifting an Athlete works in ATP-CP energy system and work to rest ratio is 1:12, which makes it great.
In Kettlebell Lifting an Athlete works in all other energy systems, and goal to increase lactate tolerance and VO2max is crucial for high level Girevik.
To work on that energy system, 1:1 work to rest ratio is best option, and working at high pace with heavy weight is just great for obeying the rules of “cyclic movement in Kettlebell Lifting”.

Exercise of Choice is of course LongCycle (Clean & Jerk), because it is the most oxygen consuming and works on both, pulling and pushing movement.
Goal for LongCycle is 10 reps per minute, so doing 5 reps in 30 seconds covers that.
An Athletes must first find the heaviest weight he/she can lift for 5 reps in 30 seconds. Once we have that covered, the rules are pretty much same as in Joe Mills program, just that in his program you do 1 rep every minute, and with EGSA plan you will do 5 reps.
Same as in 20/20 protocol, you will do it in EMOM (every minute on the minute) format, starting with about 70% of what you can lift 5 times on your test day.
Adding 1 to 2kg per Kettlebell every 5 minutes makes it VERY interesting!
The downside of that program is, that you need MANY pairs of Kettlebells, but hey, this program works only for intermediate or advanced Kettlebell Lifters, so it is expected from you you have it all.
If your max 5 reps was 24 or less, you will increase by 1kg per Kettlebell every 5th minute.
If your 5 reps test was above that, then you will increase weights by 2kg per Kettlebell every 5th set.
Example 1: Max weight: 24kg
1-5 set: 17kg (70%)
6-10 set: 18kg (75%)
11-15 set: 19kg (80%)
16 – 20 set: 20kg (83%)
Example 2: Max weight: 32kg
1-5 set: 22kg (69%)
6-10 set: 24kg (75%)
11 – 15 set: 26kg (81%)
16-20 set: 28kg (87%)
Example 3: Max weight 40kg
1-5 set: 28kg (70%)
6-10 set: 30kg (75%)
11-15 set: 32kg (80%)
12 – 20set: 34kg (85%)
As you can see, the working intensity varies between 70 and 85%, which is great for improving your basic endurance, VO2max, lactate tolerance and also explosive power and strength speed.
Once you can perform ALL 100 reps in 20 minutes, it is time to increase the weight of every set. Again, the rules are same, up to 20kg increments are 1kg per Kettlebells, above 20kg you will add 2kg on each Kettlebell.
The beauty of that plan is that you can use it as a warm up for some metabolic training but I think it is best when you use it as a finisher of a power/strength or even some hypertrophy training.
If you train consistently 4-5 times per week, you can do that training twice per week, but then you need one LSD training and no more high intensity stuff in that same energy system.
You can also do it once a week, if you have different goals, but hey… you are Kettlebell Lifter, right 😉

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