20/100 Egsa Protocol – #3

Our programs are not (only) about Girevoy Sport… 

Of course, if you do them, you will improve you GS numbers on competition, BUT, you will also improve many other components of being FIT!

Next training protocol goes like that: 

1. Take a weight which you can do about 50 LC reps in 6 minutes (that is 8 reps per minute)

2. Set the clock to 6 minutes

3. Do 6 intervals, every minute on the minute and do 7 reps, it has to take you about 40 seconds or so!

4. Rest until the end of the minute and repeat. 

5. After 6 intervals take 4 minutes rest and repeat, BUT, use 1-2kg heavier weight!

6. Perform 3 rounds like that!


Round 1: (MAP weight)
6x EMOM x 7 reps
rest 4 minute

Round 2: (MAP + 1-2kg)
6x EMOM x 7 reps
rest 4 minutes

Round 3: (round weight 2 + 1-2kg)
6x EMOM x 7 reps






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